Experiences for the entire family

Marvel at the fascinating constellations in a sky almost entirely free of light pollution, take in Denmark’s most beautiful cliff face or hike the 175 km long Camønoen trail. The opportunities are almost endless on Moen and the surrounding islands.

The Camønoen trail

Another popular attraction is the 175km long hiking trail, the Camønoen trail – playfully named after the famous Spanish pilgrimage of El Camino – which takes you on a mythological journey past careening cliffs, through the depths of ancient forests and into megalithic tombs. Certain points are reminiscent of Middle Earth from the Lord of the Rings, so who knows; maybe Tolkien found inspiration for the Hobbit’s journey among the gnarled, twisting old trees that can be found right here in Ulvshale Forest? Ulvshale Forest is like no other forest anywhere in the world as it has been shaped by flintstone from Møns Klint. The trees grow slowly and many of them are crooked as a result of the stony and meagre earth below.

Moens Klint

With its magnificent 128 metres in height and its entire six kilometres in width, the chalk cliffs of Moens Klint – which attract thousands of visitors from across the world each year – is a unique and awe-inspiring experience in its own right.

The white chalk cliffs tower dramatically towards the sea and if you’re lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of the peregrine falcon – the fastest animal in the world – which breeds on Moens Klint, or you may stumble across fascinating fossils and amber from a forgotten time.

Dark Sky

When darkness falls, visitors can enjoy the phenomenon of the Dark Sky: a clear and bright starry sky almost entirely free from light pollution. Møn and Nyord are among the few places in Denmark where – under the right conditions – it is possible to experience the constellations in all their glory.

The chances of a clear night are greatest from September to March when the nights are longer. Many of the local enthusiasts can also be hired as guides to take guests on their very own Dark Sky photo safari.

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