Moens Feriepark

A vibrant holiday park built on sustainability and community in harmony with nature. 

Anticipated opening: Spring 2022

A shared vision

Moens Feriepark is located in an area where all the natural resources are intact and meets a demand for active, inspiring and sustainable family holidays.

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Moens Feriepark will be one of the first DBNG-certified holiday parks in Denmark, completely in line with the UN’s climate objectives.

Experiences for the entire family

Marvel at the fascinating constellations in a sky almost entirely free of light pollution, take in Denmark’s most beautiful cliff face or hike the 175 km long Camønoen trail. The opportunities are almost endless on Moen and the surrounding islands.

Sustainable construction

Moens Feriepark is to be certified in accordance with the one of the highest level of certification, DGNB Gold, so as to future-proof the development, minimise resource usage and ensure a construction that offers high quality of life.

Invest in the future

With Moens Klint as an international tourist attraction and the upcoming Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link, Moens Feriepark is sure to be an attractive holiday destination for both Danish and international visitors alike.

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