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The book about Moens Feriepark

August 2021

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Consultation response regarding the holiday resort project by Hjelm Bay

The Moen-South Zealand Tourist Association welcomes the establishment of Moens Holiday Park by Hjelm Bay. Our positive view of the project is conditional on the developer respecting – and developing the holiday park in harmony with – the sustainability that we want future tourism to be based on...

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Planning and environmental assessment of Møns Holiday park

September 2020

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Expert: 200-home holiday park “comes with enormous risks”

September 2020 Licitationen

The concept developers behind Møns Holiday Park aim to build 200 holiday homes by the shoreline of Hjelm Bay and 13 km from Moens Klint. But Anne-Mette Hjalager, a professor and tourism expert at SDU, has expressed scepticism about the project…

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Moens Holiday Park
Stege, Denmark

September 2020 Licitationen

A new holiday park by Hjelm Bay on Moen is envisaged to go by the name Møns Holiday Park. In its final form, the holiday park will consist of 200 holiday homes spread over 69 small housing clusters…

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Schmidt Hammer Lassen and Niras to develop holiday park

11. september 2020

The billion-kroner project is solely financed by the Monaco-based real estate developer John Bengt Møller. The architect Morten Schmidt told EjendomsWatch that his firm’s collaboration with the expat Dane is “excellent”

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From getting a golden handshake by a real estate magnate to financing a construction project on Møn worth DKK 1bn

11. september 2020

John Bengt Møller has worked with some of the most daring and colourful individuals in the real estate industry. Møller, a Dane residing abroad, assured EjendomsWatch that he is able to finance a new holiday park on the Danish island of Møn Read the entire article here

200 holiday homes on Møn - holiday park made from sustainable wood coming soon

11. september 2020

The project goes by the name Moens Holiday Park, and local politicians in Vordingborg Municipality have just given the green light to start the planning of the project.

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Vordingborg Municipality involved in joint development plan for tourism on Zealand and the Danish Islands

1. September 2020

A joint development plan for tourism on Zealand and the Danish islands has been published. Vordingborg Municipality is among the active parties in the development efforts aimed at sustainably boosting tourism revenue on Zealand and the Danish islands towards 2025…

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New sustainable
holiday park on Møn

31. August 2020

A new holiday park on Moen is set to become Denmark’s first holiday park that lives up to the lofty DGNB gold standard, which is based on UN sustainability criteria in construction…

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Sustainable holiday park set to boost Møn's economy

27. august 2020

Holiday park by Hjelm Bay expected to boost retail trade and tourism and create more jobs…

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200 holiday homes to be constructed on Møn

24. august 2020 (Sjællands Nyheder)

The scenic area by Hjelm Bay on Moen may be about to see the addition of 200 new holiday homes by 2022 if the planning process is successful for the project “Møns Feriepark”…

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