Sustainable construction

Moens Feriepark is to be certified in accordance with the one of the highest level of certification, DGNB Gold, so as to future-proof the development, minimise resource usage and ensure a construction that offers high quality of life.

A sustainable infrastructure boost on Møn

An essential component of the construction of Møns Klint Holiday Park entails upgrading the infrastructure on Møn in a sustainable manner so that the island can accommodate and benefit from more visiting tourists in the future.

One of these sustainable infrastructure solutions has to do with public transport.

Free electric shuttle buses are envisaged to transport the visitors between Moens Klint Holiday Park and the town of Stege, where they can go shopping for local delicacies or enjoy a meal at one of the town’s restaurants.

Watch this video to learn more about the sustainable solution to set up free electric shuttle buses between the holiday park and the town of Stege.

Certified with DGNB-gold

Sustainable construction certified in accordance with the internationally recognised DGNB standard means construction work that adheres to the UN’s criteria for environmental, financial and social sustainability.

The ambition of Cliffs of Denmark is that Møns Feriepark is to be certified in accordance with the one of the highest level of certification, DGNB Gold. The criteria covered by DGNB are established by the German organisation Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen but adapted to Danish conditions. 

In Denmark, certification is administered by the Green Building Council Denmark.

In general, DGNB contributes towards sustainable construction by creating more value, by future-proofing construction projects and by minimising resource usage in order to secure developments that will offer a high quality of life.

Landscape preservation

The existing landscape south of Lindegården, where the park will be located, presently consists of large cultivated fields separated by hedgerows on a beautiful terrain towards the south and down to the water. 

In line with the sustainable ambitions of the project, the gorgeous variations of the local landscape will be preserved, with its flat meadows on long sloping grounds and its wealth of trees and shrubs kept intact. Moreover, paths through the high grass will primarily be gravel paths and narrow riding/cycling/walking paths. 

Free-roaming horses, sheep and cattle will graze on the fields which surround the park. So-called cattle grids and gates will be installed between the paths and roads here to protect both the animals and holidaymakers.