Sustainable vision

Moens Feriepark is located in an area where all the natural resources are intact and meets a demand for active, inspiring and sustainable family holidays.

A shared vision

The vision behind Moens Feriepark is to establish a sustainable holiday park which naturally blends into the area around Hjelm Bugt. All common areas will be integrated into the hilly landscape and will therefore appeal to holidaymakers who value nature and sustainability above all else.

The plans also include restaurant and café facilities which will serve breakfast, brunch and more. There will also be ample space for communal activities and arrangements such as intimate concerts, talks and other leisure pursuits – all based around the beautiful natural surroundings and many opportunities offered by the area.

Chief architect Morten Schmidt from Schmidt Hammer Lassen goes into further detail about the unique ambitions behind the project here:

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A world class experience

On 14 June 2017, Møn and its surrounding islands and waters were designated as the first UNESCO biosphere reserve in Denmark. So guests can rest assured that with its 450 square km of unique and diverse nature, Moen is in a league of its own.

A great asset for Moen and for Vordingborg municipality

The company responsible for the development of Møns Feriepark as a sustainable and active destination for families is Cliffs of Denmark.

The Mayor of Vordingborg, Mikael Smed, feels positively about the project, among other things because the need for overnight accommodation on Moen is sharply on the rise:

There is no doubt that a sustainable holiday park will be a great asset not just for Møn, but for the whole of Vordingborg Municipality. Sustainability is a must – not least on Møn, which boasts a great number of desirable and coveted qualities. I am therefore very pleased that Cliffs of Denmark is prioritising sustainability in their plans which they have presented to us here at Vordingborg Municipality.

Mikael Smed

Vordingborg Municipality is not a part of the project itself, but is behind the planning basis and the consultations that will enable completion of the park.

We will now be working on that going forward, with a firm focus on preserving the area’s nature value. This will help secure an optimal win-win situation for everyone by establishing a sustainable holiday park while also leaving the area’s nature value intact. Succeeding in this endeavour will undoubtedly result in the best possible outcome for both Cliffs of Denmark and for Vordingborg Municipality.

This will contribute greatly to the growth in accommodation capacity that is in high demand on Møn while also helping to meet the ever greater need that many of us have to access areas of natural beauty and to relax and reconnect with nature through hikes and other outdoor activities.

Mikael Smed